Supervising Producer Demo Reel

Here's my Supervising Producer Demo Reel

These are some selected clips from almost 10 hours of aired programming.

I was recently nominated for a 2017 Daytime Emmy for Outstanding Pre-School Children’s Animated Program for Wallykazam! I am very excited and honored to be recognized for my role as Supervising Producer on that show for Nickelodeon.

Laura Barbera Supervising Producer Demo Reel from Laura Barbera on Vimeo.

I loved my Supervising Producer role as it allowed me to be involved with the production from the very beginning of script writing and then overseeing it through to delivery.

My role included:

Breaking down scripts for bidding and scheduling

Weighing in on the feasibility of storyboards within our CG Pipeline by collaborating with Directors and Storyboard Artists

Working closely with the Art Directors and Design team

Pitching Animatics to the CG Team

Managing all of the CG Production Pipeline and Team

Directed all Animation, Compositing and Effects Retakes

Noted post production color sessions

Double checked for Quality Control hits in Post

Additionally, I had the pleasure of interviewing and hiring candidates, and running performance reviews.

I worked closely with our overseas team in India, visiting them in person and meeting with them in bi-weekly video conference calls to help make the production a smooth and easy process for both sides.

Fostering creativity and storytelling in my work and personal life has been a great merging of all of my interests. My unique background and experience make me an ideal collaborator for all aspects of the development process.